Enpro support and assist owners and operators evaluate their assets to aid investment decisions, build field development and production enhancement strategies to maximise the value from the portfolio. Added to this Enpro also provide engineering and project management expertise to provide the best execution and delivery of the chosen strategy.

Our multi-discipline service offering encompasses all aspects of the asset value chain the core competencies relate to the well and production plant and Enpro engage with the operator integrating the reservoir and export elements into a cohesive, robust development plan

Added to this the engagement covers the full lifecycle of an asset, from initial screening, through the development planning into operations, late life and finally decommissioning.

We employ a scalable approach to address smaller single well or brownfield opportunities to the largest greenfield projects requiring significant infrastructure delivered over a multi-year timeframe.

Development analysis and planning

To support the initiate and assess phases, sometimes described as the appraisal phase, Enpro follow a simple, rigorous process to screen and rank opportunities either new field developments or production enhancement projects. Typically, our teams are embedded within the operator's functional groups, where we gain access to examine reservoir and production data to evaluate development options.

At the initiate stage, to confirm viability, an opportunity is reviewed and screened for a single economic development scenario. Enpro step through defining the opportunity, confirming and describing the screening approach and assessing the results from screening in particular with regards to economic investment criteria against company metrics and drivers.

The screened portfolio of all opportunities meeting the initial economics metrics are then further assessed and ranked to prioritise the development projects and investment decisions. The ranking seeks to compare the portfolio on consistent basis through use of key economic performance parameters: -

  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Rate of Return (RoR)
  • Profit to Investment Ratio (PIR)

Technical risk, partner influence and regulatory issues are also considered in developing the fully weighted ranking score. From the ranking list of opportunities, the most attractive developments and investment opportunities can be selected.

Ranking score sheets and risk statements are produced providing evidence to support the decision to continuing work on any given opportunity and move it to the next phase of development.

Completion of the ranking provides owners & operators with the necessary information to support the best investment decisions and deliver greater capital efficiency.

To ensure an optimised solution is ultimately delivered, a suite of potential development options or solutions is created over and above single ranking option initially screened.

The intention is that the best ranked opportunities are further enhanced by refining the development plan.

Excecution and Delivery

Enpro bring extensive experience in the pre-FEED, conceptual and early engineering arena to refine solutions quickly. We adopt multi-disciplined approach integrating the reservoir, well, flow assurance and facilities engineering disciplines to ensure a holistic refinement is done and real world experience is brought to bear to complete the select stage.

In the define and execute stages, Enpro has extensive experience in project management providing the best possible delivery for any given opportunity. Be it leading various engineering vendors on FEED and detailed design, efficient management of the full procurement cycle for key goods and services and management of major contractors on large EPC type contracts for the safe delivery of large scale facilities.

The Enpro approach comprises small, lean, highly experienced groups to ensure that there is no erosion of the key, high value decisions made in the earlier phases

Maximising Value

With unique understanding and experience of the owner/ operator drivers alongside detailed knowledge of the supply and service sectors, we are well positioned to derive the best value from an asset portfolio. Ensuring that the best projects are taken forward and wasted time and recycling evaluations are minimised.

Enpro bring a truly multi-disciplined approach to development engineering and project delivery activities. The combination of competencies in the technical disciplines combined with knowledge and experience of the regulatory and commercial elements ensure an all-encompassing service is provided.

The approach can be applied to new greenfield developments and brownfield production enhancement opportunities, late life planning and decommissioning, so always looking to derive best value for a business at which ever stage in the asset lifecycle.

Case Study: North Sea

Project Overview

  • Engaged to provide front-end development engineering services covering well, process and flow assurance Extensive engagement with the joint venture partners
  • Embedded within the Operator team working with in-house sub-surface, reservoir engineering, drilling and commercial departments
  • Created decision support packages to facilitate approval gate processes and external partner alignment
  • Post FID, Enpro have now been engaged for the execution phase providing leadership for the Operator field development