What is ESSI FAM ?

The patented ESSI Flow Access Module (FAM) is a universal production optimisation interface for both greenfield and brownfield applications. FAM consist of a range of interchangeable modules which attach to the FAM Hub.

The FAM hub is a dual port hub which is supplied either with new hardware of permanently retrofitted onto existing infrastructure and can be located at the PLEM, PLET or at the flowline termination either at the tree or manifold. The FAM modules are deployed using standard ESSI topside equipment at tolling.

The modules can be used individually, concurrently or in combinations and provide a range of production optimisation opportunities, including;

  • Well stimulation
  • Sampling
  • Multiphase Metering
  • Multiphase Pumping
  • Combination Metering / Sampling
  • Flow Assurance / Chemical Injection
  • Hydrate Remediation

ESSI FAM Applications

Well Stimulation

Enpro Subsea's patented ESSI system enables deep-water access to hydrocarbon flow at the pipeline or well and provides a cost effective field development strategy.

The ESSI control head is an ROV 'fly to place' solution which minimises deployment loads on to the receiving structure. It provides automated flow control and shut-off which further reduces deployment system complexity and footprint, enabling multi-well campaigns from a single vessel.

ESSI enables:

  • well control
  • scale squeeze
  • acid stimulation
  • hydrate remediation
  • pipeline depressurising and flushing


The ESSI sampling hub is configurable for both thru bore and chambered hydraulic sampling. The fluid sample is transferred into Enpro Subsea's patented extraction system under isobaric conditions and delivered to the surface independent of the ROV.

ESSI provides accurate well data including:
  • water content
  • hydrocarbon content and quality
  • salinity and gas ration.

It enables optimised production management and accurate multiphase meter re-calibration. The system can be deployed using standard ROV running tools and may be left in situ to take multiple samples over a defined period.

Multiphase Metering

The ESSI hub is used to permanently retrofit a multiphase meter between the xmas tree and the production flowline. Individual meters for fiscal measurement or production optimisation and control can be located at the jumper, PLET or manifold.

The ESSI system is configurable for all types of multiphase meters and installed using standard running equipment and ROV tooling.

The additional permanent barriers within the ESSI hub enable meter replacement and recalibration from any vessel of opportunity.

Flow Assurance (Chemical Injection)

The ESSI hub is used as an access port for the management of unplanned blockages. It enables the injection of chemicals (e.g. methanol) back into exiting subsea pipelines to treat hydrates or wax build ups.

ESSI FAM Advantages

Universal Subsea Interface

Enpro Subsea supports all vendor configurations, manufactures and regions. This 'open standard' enables safe access to hydrocarbon flow, providing multiple production optimisation solutions throughout life of field.

Well & Process Control

The ESSI system is used for well control / well kill scenarios. In stimulation operations, the control head is configured to fail shut in the event of a hose break away or well over / under pressurisation. Chemical delivery flow rate and pressure is pre-set and adjusted from the ESSI control head.

Pipeline Maintenance Access

The ESSI system enables hydrate remediation and high volume flushing at the pipeline.

Multiple Applications

The ESSI system is available at the xmas tree jumper, the PLET or at the manifold.

Fast Track Procurement

The ESSI hub is independent of subsea xmas tree or pipeline interface specification and requires no modification to the xmas tree and therefore enables 'fast track procurement; of associated hardware.

Standard Components

The patented ESSI system is comprised of industry proven pre-qualified, cost effective hardware. This enables rapid project delivery and operations.

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ESSI FAM Case Study

GoM, 3.2km tieback to existing subsea production facility, delivered and installed Q3 2016

OPERATOR Challenge:

Operator had a requirement to complete tieback within 12 months. In order to the minimise cost there was a preference to use stock equipment including a standard xmas tree. Production profile dictated need for enhanced production strategies, including:

  • Multiphase metering
  • Hydrate remediation
  • Future potential for well stimulation

Enpro Solution:

At either end of the flowline, Enpro installed their modified goosenecks with integral FAM hubs. Additionally, we provided 3x enhanced production FAM modules, including:

  • Metering FAM with multiphase flow meter (MPFM), water cut meter and acoustic sand detector (left)
  • Flow Assurance FAM with flow assurance fail safe close (FSC) hydraulic valve, chemical injection valve, PT & PTT (center)
  • Fluid Intervention FAM (right)
The flexibility of the ESSI solution means Operators can access a suite of interchangeable enhanced production modules throughout the life of field, independent of legacy OEM constraints.

Download Case Study Brochure