What is FAM ?

  • Retrievable Modules typically containing production optimisation technology located at XT or Manifold / PLEM end of rigid or flexible Jumpers
  • Allows Operator to locate project specific technologies within FAM, supporting the use of Standard or Stock subsea hardware (XT / Manifold) without sacrificing functionality
  • The patented Flow Access Module (FAM) Provides Life of Field flexibility to standard subsea hardware

FAM Advantages

Smart Standardisation

  • Flexibility, no need to design in on day one, Operator can be guided by well data and configure FAM to suit throughout the life of field
  • Technologies enabled by FAM allow Operator to Understand well performance in a cost effective manner which is key to maximising asset value 

Capital Efficiency

  • Use of stock or standard hardware greatly reduces the cost and schedule associated with a standard tie back
  • Retrievability of FAM removes cost associated with pulling jumper to fix / replace technologies which may have previously been bolted or welded in

First Oil Faster

  • Decouples the lead time of project specific technologies from the delivery and installation of the XT (critical to bringing wells online)
  • Flow Through FAM can be installed at start up and swapped out for process FAM when required.

Case Study 1: Gulf of Mexico


  • Complete 4km tieback within 12 months
  • Use existing stock tree
  • No modifications to existing installed manifold
  • Different OEM connector type at either end of tieback Jumper
  • Production profile dictated enhanced production strategies required


  • Metering FAM with MPFM, Water Cut Meter & Acoustic Sand Detector
  • Flow Assurance FAM with Flow Assurance Valve, Chemical Injection & PT Sensors
  • 2x Gooseneck Flow Access Hubs
  • 1x Intervention Flow Access Module

Case Study 2: West Africa


  • Operator wants existing technologies retrievable independently of rigid Jumpers
  • Defer costs – no need to bolt in technologies on day one of production, can be installed after jumper
  • Simplify Rigid Jumper fabrication and installation


  • 10x Dual Bore FAM Hubs on Production Jumpers
  • 5x Single Bore FAM Hubs on Injection Jumpers
  • Brown & Green field
  • Rigid Insulated Jumpers

Case Study 3: Gulf of Mexico


  • Operator wants MPFM retrievable independently of rigid Jumpers
  • Standardised Hub design for both 10k and 15k manifolds (future proof)
  • Flexibility to incorporate latest MPFM type & integrate legacy MPFM types


  • 11x FAM with MPM Meters
  • 10k & 15k Modules
  • Manifold Location
  • Rigid Jumpers