What is FIS?

Using our patented Flow Intervention Service (FIS) range of services, Enpro Subsea are a fully integrated hydraulic intervention solutions provider.

By working with our pumping, vessel and chemical partners and combing our suite of FIS products, Enpro Subsea are able to provide a fully tailored range of flow intervention services to continually enhance production throughout the life of field.

  • Field Proven System for Low Cost Hydraulic Intervention
  • Configurable to a range of operating criteria
  • Compact footprint, minimal deck space and ease of deployment

FIS Key components

The FIS Subsea Safety Module (SSM) provides safe isolation from the well to the vessel.

SSM features & benefits include:
  • Dual injection shut in hydraulically actuated FSC gate valves
  • PT sensors upstream and downstream of ISV valves
  • The ISV's controlled via SSM Control System providing open/close and shutdown functionality from topside
  • Passive & Active disconnect

Topside Equipment typically includes: :
  • Control cabin housing Topside Control Console
  • Control Umbilical & Winch (integral HPU)
  • Control Umbilical Over boarding Sheave
  • Workshop & Spares Container

FIS Services

FIS Services include:
  • Acid Stimulation
  • Chemical Injection
  • Scale / Wax Inhibition
  • Asphaltene Treatment
  • Organic Scale removal (solvent treatments)
  • Inorganic Scale removal
  • Fines treatments
  • Pipeline Hydrate removal
  • Tubing Washes
  • Flowline Clean
  • Water Injection Tests
  • Well Control/Kill & Bull heading

Case Study: West Africa

Project Challange

  • Deliver Hydraulic Intervention System capable of 10+ bbl./min
  • System to be suitable for a range of water depths 1,000 to 2,000m
  • System to interface with single or dual Coiled Tubing
  • Topside control functionality required
  • System safety features required
  • System to interface with existing Tie-in point on XT

Project Summary

  • System delivered in 15 weeks
  • Compact modular design allowed system to be air-freighted
  • Multi-well scale squeeze and acid stimulation campaign completed
  • Suitable for Single vessel configuration
  • Significant production gains achieved