Enpro Subsea are a fully integrated production solutions provider. By working with our pumping, vessel and chemical partners and combing our suite of ESSI products, Enpro Subsea are able to provide a fully tailored range of flow intervention services to continually enhance production throughout the life of field.

ESSI products and applications

Fluid intervention

  • Acid stimulation
  • Organic scale Removal (Solvent treatments)
  • Inorganic scale removal (CaCO3 and BaSO4)
  • Pipleline hydrate removal
  • Fines treatments
  • Tubing washes (Brines, Acids Chelants)
  • Flowline clean (Brines, Acids)
  • Water injection tests (Sea water)


  • Production liquid and gas
  • Produced water identification
  • Scale squeeze inhibitor concentrations
  • Multi-phase flow meter calibration
  • Commissioning i.e. glycol / solids

Optimised single vessel solution


  • Working Pressure: 10, 000 psi /15,000 psi
  • Water Depth: 3,000 metres
  • Flow Rate: 14 BPM
  • Nominal Bore: 3"


  • Single vessel configuration saves costs and improves uptime/efficiency
  • Not tied into Original Equipment manufacturer
  • Composite conduit has considerable performance benefits over coil tubing.
  • Fatigue/Weight/Friction Loss
  • Compatible with wide range of stimulation fluids without degradation
  • Working towards system compliance with latest revision of API 17G and API 17G2

ESSI FIS advantages

Well & Process Control

In fluid/hydraulic intervention operations, the ESSI flow head provides a metal to metal sealing, fail safe close barrier. Optional Chemical delivery flow rate and pressure is pre-set are available at the ESSI Injection skid. The ESSI system provides for secondary well control injection.

Pipeline Maintenance Access

The ESSI system enables hydrate remediation and high volume flushing at the pipeline.

Multiple Locations

The ESSI hub is available at the xmas tree jumper, the PLET or at the manifold.

ROV 'Fly to Place' Solution

The lightweight ESSI 10 kpsi flow head enables 'fly to place' operations using standard work class ROV.

Single Vessel Configuration

The lightweight system, automated well controls and reduced topside footprint allow the ESSI system to be configured for multiple well campaigns from a single vessel. Working with our vessel partners, Enpro Subsea have developed the lowest cost solution for subsea production stimulation.

Flexible Fast Track Procurement

The ESSI hub is independent of subsea xmas tree or pipeline interface specification and requires no modification to the xmas tree and therefore enables 'fast track procurement' of associated hardware at in both greenfield and brownfield situations.

Standard Components

The patented ESSI system is comprised of industry proven pre-qualified, cost effective 'off-the-shelf' hardware. This enables rapid project delivery and operations.

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